Fall 2018: Aimee gave an invited lecture at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware on October 12th, titled “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The effect of reactive oxygen species on Nrf2/ARE pathway activation by sulforaphane, an electrophile in clinical trials, is both synergistic and antagonistic”.  Thanks to the department and the Women in Chemistry club for a warm welcome and a great visit! Fantastic research programs and student mentoring and support–highly recommended to interested students.

Summer 2018: Our paper was accepted to Free Radical Biology and Medicine, with seven student co-authors–congrats to everyone who put in long hours toward understand these paradoxical and intriguing results. This summer we had five research students: masters student Liz Repash, undergrads Kayla Byrnes, Maria Delgado, and Claudia Macpherson–congrats to Claudia on the VURF award. Maria’s project was funded by a grant to the lab from the Villanova University NovaCell Center. And congratulations to our recent graduates Gwenny and Matt on their positions in industry, at WuXi AppTec in Philly and Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Boston, respectively. 

Spring 2018: Gwenny Go presented her work on developing a broad-range, inexpensive assay to measure hydrogen peroxide levels at the Society of Toxicology meeting in San Antonio Texas in March. We have five lab members graduating this spring, including Gwenny, who is in the process of interviewing for positions. Matt Savage is also interviewing for positions. Mykal Gerald has been accepted to medical school, and will be making the big announcement as to where soon. Mykal is also the recipient of the department’s Senior Service Award. Our high school student, Lingdian, will be attending Princeton. And Chang Jeong will be taking a year to develop himself as a writer, having recently completed his first novel. We knew you when… Also, hearty congratulations to BS ’16 alum Nick Janigian, who is matriculating at Temple University for medical school this fall. 

Fall 2018: In November, Matt Savage and Chang Jeong presented their research on the “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” effects of combining the clinically promising Nrf2/ARE activator sulforaphane with dtBHQ at the Society for Redox Biology and Medicine conference in Baltimore. And Gwenny and Liz drove down all the way from Villanova to surprise me for my birthday! Awww.

Spring 2017: A lot to celebrate! Congratulations to Anna Briker, winner of the Villanova University Falvey Award for exceptional undergraduate research (an interview with her here), and the Biochemistry Medallion, the highest award for a senior in the major. Anna is heading to the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. Congrats and our best wishes to Linda Nguyen, who will be attending the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health for the degree of Master of Public Health: Sociomedical Sciences.  And congratulations to Alexandra Elder, who will be pursuing her MD this fall at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. (I’m so going to miss my seniors.) A hearty congratulations to Mykal Gerald, the 2017 Sprows Family VURF Fellow, supporting her research in lab this summer.

Fall 2017: Congratulations to our newest lab member, masters student Gwenny Go, on winning the highly competitive Novus Biologicals Scholarship! And congratulations to Zack Kemmerer, Eggler lab alum, representing the University of Wisconsin-Madison Badgers (my alma mater) as the 2017 Team Ninja Warrior College Madness Champions!

BBQ at Dr. Eggler’s house. Pictured L to R in the front are Aimee, Alex, Linda, and Chang, and in the Anish and Matt. (Excepting Dr. Eggler, these people have mad corn hole bag toss skills.)

Summer 2016: This summer, students working in the lab are Anish Vora, Chang Jeong, Alex Elder and Matt Savage. Other Eggler lab student researchers are expanding their skill sets in other labs, programs and countries. Anna Briker is participating in the Undergraduate Student Scholar Program (USSP) at the Perelman School of Medicine. She is working in a lab in the Center for Molecular Studies in Digestive and Liver Diseases, and is studying diabetes. Linda Nguyen is participating in the Health Equity Summer Scholar Program on a Nemours Undergraduate Research Scholarship in Wilmington, Delaware. Her primary project focuses on racial and sex variability in major pediatric cancer survival. Nick Janigian is working for the AmeriCorps Notre Dame Education Center in Boston in the fall, in the meantime, he will be enjoying beautiful Grecian and US national park views this summer. Rebecca Lin is happy to announce her matriculation into Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University in the fall. During her summer off, she is traveling to Germany with her family as well as spending a week in lab helping to launch ChIP studies. Mykal Gerald spent a month in Eggler lab, and assisted in establishing protocols to probe for multiple targets quantitatively through Western blotting. Then she was off to participate in the Summer Medical and Dental Educational Program (SMDEP) at Columbia University. Former Eggler Lab masters student, Zack Kemmerer, competed in the American Ninja Warrior competition which aired on ABC earlier in June. He completed the Indianapolis course in 15th place, and is headed to the city finals.  The Eggler Lab is very proud of everyone’s accomplishments this summer! Also, th1434023825676e lab is now a certified Green Lab for sustainability.


May 2016:  Our lab’s members won various honors this May. Dr. EIMG_9759ggler was the recipient of the 2016 Villanova Junior Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. (At right, she and Dr. Anthony Laglante, Professor of Chemistry and recipient of the 2016 Villanova University Faculty Award for Innovative Teaching, are showing Nova pride for the National Championship of the men’s basketball team!) Congratulations to Anna Briker, recipient of the Outstanding Junior Biochemistry Student Award, and to Nick Janigian, winner of the Biochemistry Award for Leadership and Service! And congratulations to our graduates–Nick, Rebecca and Prab Kaur!

AAAS 2016February 2016: Linda Nguyen and Alex Elder presented their research at the AAAS meeting in Washington D.C. The work highlighted their findings with qPCR on the effects of hydrogen peroxide on antioxidant response element activation. Thank you so much to lab alumni Brad Bauman and his wife Kristen for the wonderful hospitality!  In other news, Aimee is a nominee for the Villanova Junior Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching.

November 2015: Anna Briker and Aimee both presented postersAnna Aimee at her poster SFRBM at the 2015 Society for Redox Biology and Medicine meeting in Boston.

August 2015: Congrats to Brad Bauman upon his successful thesis defense! And his new position at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology under the direction of Dr. John Wu.  His main project will examine the effects of circadian rhythm disruption on the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal stress axis in mice.

May 2015: Congratulations to Nick Ader, graduating and heading to aDSCN1774 PhD joint program at Cambridge and the NIH through a prestigious Marshall Scholarship. Nick’s mentors will be Dr. Richard Youle (NINDS) & Dr. Wanda Kuzluski (Cambridge). Nick also won the Villanova Falvey Award for his senior thesis and the Rosalind Franklin award. Go get ’em Nick! Congratulations to Brad Bauman for receiving a Graduate Summer Research Award, and the Sigma Xi award for best poster, and to Anna Briker for receiving the Villanova University Research Fellowship for summer research. Best wishes to Rebecca Lin, who is spending the summer in Ghana working with the non-profit group Unite for Sight before returning to Villanova and the lab in the fall.

Nick and Abcam at SeattleNovember 2014: Nick Ader presented a poster at the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine annual meeting in Seattle. The poster highlights the work that he, Zack, and Sarah have done to characterize commercially available Nrf2 antibodies.

August 2014: Zack Kemmerer is on his way to start his PhD program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison this fall. Best wishes Zack!

Sarah Zack gradMay 2014: Congratulations to Zack Kemmerer for receiving the Outstanding Department of Chemistry Graduate Student Award, to Nick Ader for receiving the Villanova University Research Fellowship for summer research, and to Rebecca Lin and Anna Briker for receiving departmental summer research awards, the Ron Magolda Fellowship and the James J. and Ann M. O’Malley Fund for Undergraduate Research fellowship, respectively. Congrats to Zack, Sarah Mulroy and Rachel Young upon graduation, and best wishes for your future adventures!

March 2014:  Nick Ader was awarded the 2014 Barry M Goldwater Scholarship (https://goldwater.scholarsapply.org/) for his outstanding academic achievement and his excellent record of undergraduate research.  A Villanova University Presidential Scholar, Nick eventually plans to obtain a PhD in molecular biology and teach at a university with a strong emphasis on teaching undergraduates.

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